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Featuring shots from

Caldera, as a Lighter, using Maya and Renderman.

The New Pioneers, as a Lighter and Compositor, using Maya and After Effects.

RWBY Vol. 6, as the Assistant Lead Lighting Artist,

using Maya, Redshift, Max, and Pencil.


Created from scratch in 8 weeks as a Masters project while also working full time. 

Modeled in Maya, Textured in Zbrush/Photoshop/Substance Designer, Rendered with MentalRay. 


Nightlights was a collaborative project undertaken at SCAD in fall of 2016.  
I was Modeling Lead and Lighting Lead.
On this turnaround I am responsible for the: 

Model, Shaders, iridescence map, Lighting, and Compositing.
Color map by Sarah Lauinger.

Wires for Empathy was an amazing project to work on that taught me a whole new software package, Blender, and render engine, Cycles.

I was part of the team as both a generalist and lighter, and helped come up with the methods for lighting the project, which is still in production under director Bassam Kurdali.

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